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Why aren't we doing more to help the Children of Yemen? 

Hamza’s younger brother, Khalid, was also malnourished but not yet severely ill. Through nutritional supplements and medical care provided by Najam Institute and Al Amal International, both brothers and the rest of their family’s health improved dramatically.


In just three months of treatment, their growth rate increased significantly, reaching levels comparable to those seen in most healthy children of their age group. Additionally, they were back to attending school regularly in no time thanks to these organizations’ life-saving efforts.

By donating to this cause, you can help save lives by ensuring that vulnerable families, like the el-Hameed family, have access to the necessary resources they need to thrive. Let's work together to build a better future for these children – a future where everyone has a chance at life with hope and opportunity.

Every little bit helps, please donate today! With your help, we can make a difference and give these children the chance to reach their full potential. Thank you for being a champion of hope! Together, let's change lives in Yemen.

Recently, Humaira el-Hameed and her family from Taiz were provided with the necessary nutrition and medical care from Najam Institute and Al Amal International. Before receiving this support, the family had been struggling to feed their children, Maaiz, Hamza, and Khalid, as they were unable to access food due to lack of resources.

This support had an immediate impact on the lives of this family’s two young boys, Hamza and Khalid. Hamza was severely malnourished with a weakened immune system and had developed stunted growth; he was at risk for severe complications such as blindness or even death due to his lack of proper nutrition.

Why aren't we doing more to help the Children of Yemen? 

The conflict in Yemen has devastated countless lives, especially children who are bearing the brunt of hunger and malnutrition. Thousands of young lives are at risk due to lack of nutrition and medical care. Without essential nutrition, these children can't develop to their full potential.

Thankfully, Najam Institute and Al Amal International are working hard to help these children by providing nutritional supplements and medical services. Through this initiative, children under 5 years old as well as pregnant and lactating women can access vital nutrients for growth and development. The organizations are also aiding local vendors so they can source and purchase food at an affordable price.

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