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Memorial Red Rose

The Heartbreaking Reality
A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Save the Ummah

Who Are We? 

Najam Institute

& Branch Organizations

My name is (Mufti) Mohammed Samir Wahid and our organization was started by a group of young Ulama and professionals in 2012.
Who are: 

  • Passionate about serving Deen

  • Born and raised in America

  • Young and Energetic

  • Experienced Team

What We Do 


Online Institute Established


Campus Purchased in Downtown Atlanta


Established masjid in greater Muslim Area 


Merged with Accredited School & Relocated


Local and Internation Relief 


Negotiation of new Facility

Started in 2012 with over 3000 total students along with the potential of more than 100,000 students in the next five years. Over 100k in views with potential growth to millions in the next 5 years.

Purchased a large campus, about 30,000 sqft, 10 minutes from International Atlanta Airport and established a boys Boarding & Girls Day School with Quran Memorization & Higher Islamic Studies School started in 2015 with 50 students. Potential growth 500 students within the next 5 years.

Established a masjid in Greater Muslim area with daily prayers, jumuah prayers, evening classes, youth groups, many sisters only events, family events of over 300 attendees. Current attendees for jumuah 250, potential growth 4000, with daily musallees up to 400-500.

Sold Downtown Atlanta Campus and relocated in a greater Muslim Area, purchased an 8,000 sq ft facility. Current students 130, with 100s applicants rejected due to shortage of space. Potential growth 800-1000 students within the next 5 years.

During Covid we started local and international relief work. With weekly food drives and have collected over $500,000 for international relief work all over the world. Potential growth, millions collected for international work within the next 5 years. Weekly homeless food drives, hygiene packets and local distribution of zakat

Seeing the potential growth with a young team of Islamic Scholars and professionals of people in their mid 30s, and looking at the current society and fitnah, we started the negotiation of an amazing facility.

Why Should You Support Us?

Academic Director

Over 25 years of experience

Hifz Director

Over 10 years of experience


Giving back

American Born

Understanding the youth


Many years of experience

Islamic Environment

More than education

At our new facility we would have Pre-k - 12 led by an experienced sister with over 25 years in academic with field who has a double master!

Many parents want their children to memorize Quran but are unable to find a quality program, our hifz director has over 10 years of experience in the field of teaching students to memorize Quran.

We believe just teaching islam and having an islamic environment isn't enough, it is necessary for Muslims to serve the community around us regardless of their religious beliefs.

Most organizations are established by a board led by immigrants, although they have done amazing work, it is very rare to have a team of youngsters who know the youth manage such a large operation.

Many organizations present a vision and a dream in hopes to make it a reality. We are already established, the facility will allow us to grow more.

Living in America we know the importance of making Islam fun and accessible. With our new facility, is close to where 100s of Muslim families reside. These families are middle- and lower-class including refugees. We intend this place to be where young brothers and sisters (in privacy and safely) may play outside or in the gymnasium.


Adults may walk around the 22 acre property while children play at the playground. This will be a one-stop community for ALL Muslims of all ages. While everyone is enjoying their outdoor activities, they will feel the breeze in the air while the adhan is called on outdoor speakers.

Programs We Have

Najam Institute

Non Profit Organization

Darul Arqam Institute

Local Mussallah

Islamic Institute of Atlanta

Islamic Semenary

Al Furqan Academy

Accredited Private School 

  • Monthly Food Drives 

  • International Relief efforts 

  • Social Media outreach through MSW

  • Online Courses 

  • Youtube channel with over 200 hours of content 

  • Offers daily Salah with over 70+ daily attendees. 

  • Monthly Family nights bring over 200-350 people of all ages. 

  • Full Alim Course 

  • Hifz program 

  • Qualified Scholars 

  • K-12 Private school 

  • Hifz program 

Support Us

We want to reach out to the Muslim Community with hopes to benefit Muslims first

This dream can only become a reality with your help. This dream is the need of the ummah. If you are able to help in any way, please reach out to me:

Mohammed Samir Wahid

404 513 0310 (WhatsApp available)

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